New Beginnings

I am starting this new blog during my one-month break from social media, which has been consuming my psyche increasingly. While I would like to continue to express myself as a form of therapy, I want to ween myself of social media. Blogging may be the right solution.

Self-portrait. © 2021 by Lisa Tang Liu

As I enter into the last year in my forties, I am trying to put my life into perspective. Motherhood has been my main identity for the past 11+ years, so much so that I’m more known as my kids’ mom rather than by my own name. I am also the wife of a professional writer. The daughter of an accountant. But who am I as an individual without the context of my family?

I became active on Instagram in order to have a venue to express myself artistically, returning to a large part of my identity before I had children. As far as social media platforms go, it is a great place to get feedback and network with other artists. However, as in any other social media platform, there are many unhealthy aspects to its frequent use—not the least of which is addiction. While I became much more motivated to create each day, I did so with the thought of earning “likes” and “followers”, elated when I got many but dejected when fewer than expected.

Every November, I take a month-long break from social media as part of a birthday present for my husband, who is well aware of my addiction. And so, it is the perfect time to explore other, healthier venues to express myself.

Visit my homepage for my photography portfolio.

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