Decluttering in the Absence of Social Media

My social media fast began over a week ago. Clarity and peace returned to my mind, along with motivation to declutter and get organized. I spent the last few days cleaning my studio/office and making it into a zen space for the introvert me during my kids’ screaming fits.

As I sorted through piles of paper, I couldn’t help but wonder: At what point in history has adulting gotten this complicated? I’m generally pretty good about paying bills right away, but I am terrible at filing and sorting things. Just deciding where things go saps so much of my attention reserve. The bill stubs (various types of insurance, doctors’ invoices, memberships, etc.) lay in a jumbled heap—actually, several jumbled heaps.

Purging old homeschooling academic material also acted as catharsis. There is very little reason to keep old math workbooks. We don’t live in a big house, and I need to use this space wisely. It’s tough to have that awareness without clarity in your mind.

I can’t yet commit to a life completely without social media, but I would like to have better control of its use when I return. I would also like to challenge myself to keep the horizontal surfaces of my physical space clear.

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