Meditation Space

One of the goals on my 2021 Vision Board on the wall is to create a little Zen space for myself. I finally did it—albeit a little differently from how I imagined it.

This nook is under my large desk, which used to be storage space.

We have a small house, and I often have to be creative when carving out space dedicated to a specific purpose. In decluttering, I threw out a large trash bag full of old papers, rearranged storage, and created this little nook for myself.

I had envisioned it to be in the open, but I ended up really liking this semi-enclosed space. I feel protected there, and I’m reminded of how I loved hiding under tables as a child.

This space is for meditation and breathing only. No electronic devices or books are allowed. By having a dedicated space, I aim to establish a habit of meditating every day.

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